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Achievements in Indonesia

Achievements in Indonesia

The B-EN-G Group local subsidiary established in Jakarta City and started its activities in March 2015. Before that, we have been providing IT services such as system implementation support for companies in Indonesia. As of June 2021, we have implemented our own product, the mcframe series, in more than 50 companies.

Implemented areas

Jakarta,Kota Bekasi, MM2100 Cibitung, Jababeka Cikarang, Delta Silicon Cikarang, EJIP, Lippo Cikarang, GIIC Karawang, KIIC Karawang, KIM Karawang, Surya Cipta Karawang, Indo Taisei Karawang, Bandung, Mojokerto, Cilegon, Batam


The number of user companies

In Indonesia, mcframe User Group (MCUG) held about twice a year, as the sharing and discussion event among the users.

Sharing and discussing operation issues (Feb,2020)
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