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mcframe SIGNAL CHAIN implementation in Tenma Indonesia. Understanding the operating status of nearly 80 facilities, registering and analyzing the abnormal stop reasons lead to improvement.


Today, Business Engineering Co., Ltd. (Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo, President: Masakazu Haneda, hereinafter "B-EN-G"), announces the implementation case of IoT package for manufacturing "mcframe SIGNAL CHAIN" (hereinafter "SIGNAL CHAIN") in Cikarang Plant, Indonesia (hereinafter "Tenma Cikarang"), which is a local subsidiary of global supplier of plastic products, Tenma Corporation (Headquarters: Kita-ku, Tokyo, President: Hirohiko Hirono). The implementation started in April 2020, finished in April 2021 then continue with a stable operation. Meanwhile, Production and Cost management system "mcframeCS", and accounting system "mcframeGA" have been in operation for many years.

As the manufacture of OA equipment parts, Tenma Cikarang able to grasp and accumulate the actual condition in real time by connecting the equipment operation data collected from Patlite's signal lights to the SIGNAL CHAIN Operation Monitoring (OM). The causes of abnormal stop can now be aggregated, classified, analyzed from the data, and used for improvement activities. In addition, by utilizing the SIGNAL CHAIN Equipment Maintenance (EM), inspection and repair management has been systematized and centralized management has become possible. Furthermore, Tenma Cikarang was able to improve efficiency and visualize progress by utilize the Android smart phones.

Pre-implementation Issues

  • Want to improve by accurately grasping the operating status of about 80 equipments.
  • Want to capture abnormalities (losses such as machine stop, adjustments to badness) that are difficult to see in daily reports recorded by humans as accurate information by recording facts (signal data) by the system.
  • Want to centrally manage the results and equipment maintenance plans.
  • Want to create an equipment chart and centrally manage maintenance and labor costs for each equipment.
  • It is necessary to systematize the maintenance management of thousands of molds for the production of small-lot, high-mix parts, considering that it is the limit to carry out maintenance management with paper.

■Implementation Results

【Operation Monitoring (OM)】

  • The daily production report has been partially replaced with data from SIGNAL CHAIN, improving the objectivity and accuracy of the report.
  • It has become easier to see the operating status of all equipment, and it has become possible to register the reason for abnormal stoppage and perform improvement analysis.
  • The Andon function has made it possible to link administrator call. In addition, since the history remains, it is possible to analyze which machine frequently calls are pressed (whether the worker is in trouble), which is useful for finding improvement themes.

【Equipment Maintenance (EM)】

  • Inspection and repair management has been systematized so that the progress of daily maintenance can be checked at a glance, making it easier to adjust the schedule even if there is a maintenance omission.
  • Since maintenance records are directly input on-site using an Android mobile phone, paperless operations have been realized.
  • Since the system automatically aggregates maintenance and repair records and completes the equipment chart, the history management of the target equipment can now be centrally managed by the system.

■Future improvement plan

  • Want to manage the operating status by linking it with the manufacturing instruction number and utilize it for further improvement analysis.
  • Want to expand not only to inspection and repair management, but also to inventory management and life management of service parts.
  • Want to improve mold management

Yumi Oyamada, Vice President Director of PT. TENMA CIKARANG INDONESIA, who decided to implement SIGNAL CHAIN, explained the reason for the adoption as follows.

"In addition to grasping the operating status of about 80 manufacturing equipment at the Cikarang factory, I felt that there was a limit to manually managing thousands of molds for manufacturing parts, and IoT with equipment maintenance functions is needed. The simplicity and visibility of the mcframe SIGNAL CHAIN screen also contributed to the adoption. "

■About mcframe SIGNAL CHAIN

mcframe SIGNAL CHAIN is an IoT package that supports quick problem identification and improvement at the manufacturing site. Operation monitoring and equipment maintenance can be implemented independently, but by combining the two modules, equipment operation data and maintenance data can be efficiently collected, improving the productivity and reliability of manufacturing equipment. It is also easy to expand further by using the IoT platform. Since its launch in 2016, it has been implemented by about 80 companies, and about half of them have been implemented overseas.

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