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mcframe GA (A.S.I.A.)Solution

mcframe GA is a global ERP package designed to give Japanese companies strategic tools to expand their businesses globally.

Multilingual, Multicurrency, and Multi-standard

mcframe GA is compatible with multiple languages including Japanese, English, Chinese (traditional / simplified), and Korean. can freely switch languages, input, and output, and dictionary data for each language, input and output and and dictionary data for each language. By creating, it is possible to additionally support languages that are not supported.

In addition, mixed processing of multiple currencies (unlimited) is possible, and the same sorting data can be managed according to up to 20 different standards such as international accounting standards and local tax law standards, making operations at customers' overseas bases and operations in global groups more efficient. It covers the functions to be converted.

Support your company's global expansion

We have many experienced support facilities in Asia, including our group bases B-EN-G(Shanghai), B-EN-G(Thailand)and B-EN-G(Singapore). We also have experience of supporting customers in Europe and North America, and mcframe GA will support your company's global expansion.

Accelerating time to market

mcframe GA covers all the functions necessary for business execution of overseas corporations, from general account functions to sales, purchasing, and inventory management functions, but because it can be quickly introduced and reduce operating costs with a simple system configuration. It is the best system for managing small and medium-sized overseas bases.
Since no complicated settings or customization are required for installation, it can be installed in a short period of time and at low cost compared to other ERP products.

Functional Modules of A.S.I.A. GP

For companies with no local system administrator(Cloud GLASIAOUS)

mcframe GA is also provided as a SaaS (Software as a Service) type cloud service "GLASIAOUS", and even in locations where system personnel are absent, the load on system operation is minimized. It is possible. Since it is a web-based application that can manage multiple corporations with a system, ERP can be used as long as you have a web browser and an internet environment.

Over 15 years of development

A.S.I.A. Version.1.0 first began being used by Japanese companies in 1996. It has since been delivered to more than 550 companies and 4000 users in more than 20 countries around the world.

GLASIAOUS Service Introduction (Full ver.)

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