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Business Intelligence (BI)

Business Intelligence (BI) Reporting Tools & Dashboards -Dr.Sum-Solution

Dr.Sum gives you the flexibility to utilize your data in various ways. More than 6,000 companies have chosen Dr.Sum as the data analysis tool of their choice to utilize data and to support their business growth.

Are You Getting the Desired Data or Reports?

  1. You cannot find data or reports. (Where is the data?)
  2. You have to wait for someone else to create reports. (How much longer do we need to wait?)
  3. The reports are different from what you had expected. (Why can't we do it ourselves?)

Are You Getting the Desired Data or Reports

Reporting Platform That Allows You to Freely Utilize Data

  1. You can find data or reports that you need right away with ease. (All data are stored within Dr.Sum)
  2. You can obtain data that you need and create report on your own. (No need to wait for someone else to do it for you.)
  3. Sharing reports is easy as can be with anyone. (Data Reporting Platform for everyone)

Reporting Platform


Speedy Response!
Dr.Sum is designed to deal with massive amount of data and can handle simultaneous access by many users . More data and more number of users you have, the more you feel the difference.
Intuitive User Interface Designs!
Dr.Sum is equipped with three types of user interfaces. You can select suitable user interface depending on your needs.
dd More Users with No Extra Cost!
Fees are charged per a server not by number of users. You can add as many users as you wish without having to pay extra.

Overview of Dr.Sum


Datalizer for Web
Datalizer for Web

Datalizer for Excel
Datalizer for Excel


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