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Business Intelligence (BI)

Global MESSolution

Multisite, global manufacturing execution system (Global MES) helps manufactures to realize operational excellence and business competitiveness.

Manufacturing in an era of globalization

In an era of globalization, many manufacturers have invested in expanding their production factories to major overseas locations. However, their manufacturing factories abroad are often not at same operational level as the ones at home. So, manufacturers pay attention to comparison of operations efficiency and competitiveness among factories.

From site-specific visibility to global visibility

Global visibility, in addition to site-specific visibility, becomes more important to study and carry out the measures for continuous improvement of operations. However, traditional Manufacturing Execution System tends to focus mainly on a single site, with minimal integration. So, manufacturers acknowledge an absolute need for a global MES.

Standardization across factories

It is very critical to achieve manufacturing excellence across the enterprise and rapidly scale up production in order to meet customer demands for new products. As a result, standardization of processes and activities across factories has become one of the top priorities for global manufacturers.

Global MES, optimizing your global operations

B-EN-G offers global MES solutions to optimize your global operations through visualization, standardization, consolidation, and collaboration.

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