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"mcframe" is a B-EN-G original core business package that has both basic functions and high flexibility to meet the diverse needs of the manufacturing industry.

A made-in-Japan ERP package

mcframe stands for Manufacturing and Communication Framework. As the name suggests, mcframe is a made-in-Japan ERP package developed as a base framework to support the manufacturing industry.

Continuity over the years

mcframe is used by more than 400 customers in a wide range of industries regardless of the process industry, assembly / processing industry. From production control / sales control / cost control to the realization of global business management system.

mcframe framework that brings out the strengths

The mcframe framework ensures high development productivity and quality through the full adoption of object-oriented technology and the dedicated development environment FrameManager. It is possible to flexibly respond to changes "extensions" not only at the time of installation but also after operation.

Functional Overview of MCFrame

Full customers support

In collaboration with more than 60 partner companies that have a lot of experience in the manufacturing industry, we provide a full range of support to our customers. Through the activities of the mcframe User Group (MCUG) and attendance of training courses, we support our customers to continuously improve the level of system utilization even after the actual operation.

Local support for customers' global expansion

In Asia, we have a large number of experienced support bases, including our group bases B-EN-G (Shanghai), B-EN-G (Thai), and B-EN-G (Singapore). In addition to this, we have a track record of support in North America / Europe, and mcframe will support our customers' global expansion.

Detail of the product

See below for each feature of mcframe.

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