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mcframe production management (sales management function included), which provides the capability of state-of-the-art, bringing together the needs and business know-how of manufacturing and distribution industry in Japan. In the manufacturing industry, regardless of the processing and assembly system and the process system, performance in a wide range of industry is a rich package. It has made it possible function of field-oriented to support the improvement of productivity is enriched, to fit synthesis and field management faces in improvement activities together, and helps to further strengthen competitiveness. In addition, this package is allows extensive planning, execution and analysis feature production management, and sales management, to implement the PDCA cycle of production and sales integrated.

Capabilities and Features

Support various production types
mcframe production management supports various production types such as make-to-stock, make-to-order, configure-to-order and so on.
High-speed and rich-function MRP
The high-speed, rich-function MRP makes it possible to re-plan promptly with considering of alternative items, design changes and so on.
Seamless linkage between sales and production
mcframe production management includes sales management functions and support seamless integration between sales and production information.
Finely tuned inventory management
mcframe production management support four ways to allocate stock, like automatic allocation, manual allocation, allocation on sei-ban and batch allocation.

Function Overview

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