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mcframe Start-Up Edition is a solution to realize quick start-up at a low cost. It includes not only a software package but documents and tools, which accumulate sophisticated know-how of the Japanese manufacturing industry.

Capabilities and Features

Ready to use
Standard business flow, Installation guide, and sample master data are included in mcframe Start-Up Edition. You can bring the software into use in 1.5 month for production management and 0.5 month for cost management, at earliest.
Smooth introduction and simple operation
mcframe Start-Up Edition realize smooth introduction and simple operation of mcframe. It provides simple and friendly menu & view for master configuration, and also tools for master input.
Upgrade path depending on your managerial ability
In accordance with your managerial ability, you can step up in three stages "mcframe Start-Up Edition: Achievement and Inventory management model", "mcframe Start-Up Edition: MRP use model" and "mcframe standard version".
On-premise or SaaS
You can choose On-premise type or SaaS type. If you select SaaS type, it is possible to use mcframe on a monthly basis.

Function Overview

Functional Overview of MCFrame

Functional Overview of MCFrame

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